Which one first? Chicken or......


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Dec 20, 2009
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Atlanta, GA
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Ha. Now that I have your attention..

I am faced with a quandry. I have three portable flash units and a couple of stands and soft boxes. Now comes the problem. I have about $400.00 to spend and I've been thinking of two things. #1 A flash meter to make using my current units easier. OR An alien Bee or similar head unit. I really want to do more group photos like teams ect. Thanks for any input.
Is photography a team consensus sport or is it an art form?
Definitely Canikon.
Thanks for the help guys. :thumbup: I'll just try to win the lottery so I don't have such taxing problems. :lmao:
I say the egg, there's no specification as to if it is a chicken egg that's in the question. So who was first the chicken or the general egg. Your answer being the egg. :lol:

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