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Mar 11, 2009
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If you were too impatient to wait on the (Canon) 50mm f/1.4, which is on backorder until April, would you consider the 85mm f/1.8 or wait on the first choice?

I am so ready to start something new. Thanks.
I would get the 85mm f/1.8 and then get the 50mm f/1.4 later when it comes back in stock.

That's me though...
Did you plan on getting both of these lenses anyway (just have to decide which to get first)?

If you are only going to get one of them I might consider the 50. If you're going to get both eventually I would just go ahead and get the 85 now.

I have both of these, and they're both great lenses.

(If you are going to get both of them, I don't think it really matters which one you get first. If you won't get the other one for another year or two, well - that's different...)
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Is the Sigma 50 1.4 in stock? It is a very good 50mm lens.
I would go to adorama.com and buy it now since it appears to be in stock.
I would get the 50mm F1.8 instead. The 85mm is a different lens and used for different things, and cannot replace the 50mm.
If your heart is set for the 50mm F/1.4, stick to it. Never settle for #2 just becuase you are impatient. ;)
The 50mm is in stock at B&H (and apparently Adorama)
Yeah, well...update:

I looked at B&H and saw that it was listed as "in stock", so I called them to verify before placing the online order. I was told it was in fact, in stock so I proceeded. My confirmation email came with an invoice that stated that the item was back ordered. You can believe I was back on the phone immediately. :lol: After being told that they might have had some in stock when I'd called and then sold out right then, (which I didn't buy), the rep was miraculously able to find one. So I have one on the way, tracking number and all. It's in MD now and will be here tomorrow!! WOOHOOO!!!

So tell me...is this standard practice? I don't want to deal with this every time I order something. Grr.
Sometimes particular lenses are difficult to keep in stock because of manufacturing backups, so when a new batch is ready each reseller may only review speratic and smaller shipments than expected.
I used to carry both.... As such, I'd probably get the 50mm f/1.8 (good and inexpensive) AND 85mm f/1.8 (one of my favs).

But... the previous posts are correct. 85mm is not a replacement for 50mm and 50mm is not a replacement for the 85mm. Make a decision based on your needs and purchase accordingly... don't change your mind because your are impatient
et the sigma 50mm, it's a much better lens then the Canon one.

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