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Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Geronimo, Mar 22, 2004.

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    Well for my day job, I do a multiple of electronic security solutions for clients. One solution that my company offers is video surveillance with a Digital video recorder. Anyways, I was at a client side today, a national restaurant chain, setting up the video surveillance. I had layed out the shots to the other tech and started to pull the wires and mount the cameras and domes in the ceiling.

    The owner of the franshice walks in and asks if I knew where the camera shots were and what they were looking at. We get to the bar, which is in the middle of this building. He says that he thought one was going to be over one corner and looking at the enterance of the bar and farther the main enterance of the building. With the human eye, you can easily see and recogize objects from the location of where he wanted the camera to the enterance. Well, after I talked about why the camera does not see things like the human eye, I also mentioned why it was not a wise idea with the layout of the building. Explaining the various cameras shots a person would have to walk thru to get to the bar.

    I guess I was just wondering has anyone had to discuss the difference with what a lense sees (either video or photo) to a client or what not. Or maybe just venting over this.

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    my clients are 8...
    so um, no. :?

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