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Jan 23, 2008
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S.W. Montana
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I shot an outdoor wedding this past year that I had problems with changing light. The images of the brides wedding dress blew out the details in the lower portion of the dress.
Does anyone have a quick way of white balancing on the fly, or other metering suggestions?
I shoot a Nikon D2Xs, usually a 1.8 85mm Nikon lens.
You will find that most pros shoot in RAW and do not give white balance a second thought. It is EASY to address in post processing. Once portions of a pic a blownout, there is nothing that can realistically be done to recover them. That info in the data is forever gone. Blowouts are an exposure issue, not a white balance issue.

Of course you could carry a grey card around and adjust for every shot, but that gets annoying.
Agreed...shoot in RAW and worry about white balance afterward.

As for the dress blowing out the details...that has nothing to do with white balance and everything to do with metering and exposure.

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