Who bought the Nikon D3100

What if their pics look like **** because they don't know how to do photography?

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Scientific American recently ran an article that explained that asking for such info online is essentially useless. People will tout a product just to bolster in their own mind the validity of their purchase decision.

The D3100 is a very capable entry-level camera and well worth it's cost. Used properly, it can make stunning images. :thumbup:

I have never used a D3100, but I am familiar with Nikon digital SLR cameras in general. In recent years I have had the D1X, D60, D90, D200, and currently have 4 - D300, and 3 - D3.
I was planning on getting one, but the screen isn't that great. So I'm getting a D90 instead.
great entry level camera. I personally photograph with a d90, recently upgraded from a d70s. But imo it all comes down to what kind of budget you're on and what you're looking to do in the long run with your camera.
I bought the Nikon D3100 yesterday. I really like it. It was my first DSLR camera.
I bought a 3100 a week ago,cos the retailer was doing a bundle sale. I also have a d90, which is much more expensive. Naturally it is a better camera but I just couldn`t resist that bundle. on the 3100, the one thing that thru me was the moving of the focus light when spot metering.
It's a fun and capable camera, I really enjoyed my time with it. Granted the display isn't as good but do you really go by that to judge your photo quality?

Photo Walk 10/29/2010 by Light Artisan Photography, on Flickr

Photo Walk 10/29/2010 by Light Artisan Photography, on Flickr

004102710 by Light Artisan Photography, on Flickr

Reservoir - Rochester, MN by Light Artisan Photography, on Flickr

Here's a fun one with the Nissin Di866 mounted on it:

Nikon D3100 w/Nissin Di866 Speedlight by Light Artisan Photography, on Flickr
I did ,and it's a capable camera.My first one.
i am planning to buy one too. it is a good camera and a good price.
Even i too planning, Can any one please tell me current market price of Nikon D3100 and features? Please let me know who are currently using it and experience with it..

$649 online research it.you can get good deals
Here is what I just experienced last week. I went to Futureshop and was looking at getting the T1i, and beside it was the D3100. The D3100 was $50 cheaper, so I was kind of interested. The camera guru for that store came over and I asked about the D3100. I had gone from a PAS many years ago to a Sony F717. Now I was ready for the step up to DSLR. Having told him of my level of understanding of photography, he gave me a side by side comparison of these two cameras. There was no sales pressure of any kind, and I walked away with the D3100, and not because it was cheaper. If you are going from PAS to DLSR, I would suggest the D3100, it has 'Guide' setting. It will ask you what you want to shoot and offer some settings that you can then change aswell. It is a great learning step in going to making your own settings.
i got one and this is also my first time to own a dslr. Before im using a point and shoot sony cybershot camera.

with the d3100, i was so impressed. the sharpness of the images i have taken was so great. and it is also light in weight.
I got one as a back up body to my D300s.

Great little camera. It is very small, light, and compared to the D300s it feels cheap.
Way to small for me to use all the time, but it fits in the bag great as a backup.

If I were you looking at getting one dslr, i'd look into a used D90.
I have one. It's a good camera. I will be a loyal Nikon supporter until the end of time. I recently have had the D40 and D60 as well. I prefer the D3100 over both for the 1080p video recording. It's opened my eyes in terms of career choice.

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