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Who doesn't love teddy bears :P


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Apr 7, 2007
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Campbellton, NB, Canada
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I got them all over my place, nice touch to the house decor really... it's synthetic fur :)

I was just experimenting with manual mode and my tripod inside the house while my pizza was cooking in the oven so I put the teddy on the table, and used the flower pot to add something interesting in the background... it's a point and shoot camera, so I did my best to replicate telephoto (that is I zoomed in and set up the camera far from the subject). No post production except reducing the size and border.

Cool, nice bit of background blur there with the point and shoot! I might go with black and white for this since that yellow is a little crazy.. But I like it! Probably because I, too, love teddy bears :lol:
I tried selective colouring (only the ribbon), but I messed it up so I decided to just go with full colour.

I still have the original JPEG though, so I might give it a try when I feel a bit better... and more patient :p

Blame the yellow on the crappy lighting, and poor "auto" white balance on my camera, I tried incandescent but the image is blue lol

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