why does canon use CF cards?

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by indyrodeo9, Dec 31, 2007.

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    i noticed the 40d uses CF, its so much bigger than SD or those memory sticks of the same capacity. what stops canon from using these physically smaller memory cards?

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    Historically... (and I still think now) CF cards have higher performance and greater capacity than SD cards. More data lines larger physical size to fit more inside.

    There was a time that CF cards were pretty much all you had in the market too... (based on the much older PCMCIA standard) Both Nikon and Canon used CF cards. Some of Canon's higher end professional bodies used both CF and SD cards. Nikon just recently started switching to SD cards in their lower end... the high end Nikon D3 still uses CF cards. CF cards were adopted early and a change now would probably mildly annoy photographers with CF cards already in their stash.
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    Usayit is correct in what he posts. CF card have some other advantages as well. Of all memory card on the market they are still can take more of a beating and are the most rugged. (tested in drop tests)

    Their size is also an advantage. With a CF card you open the memory door, push the release tab, grab the end of the card, pull it out and insert the next one. They are large and easy to handle quickly. Something that is good when your business may depend on not missing a shot.

    With small cards you have to push in, wait for it to pop up, pull it out, line up the little grove on the sides of the new card and slide a new one in place making sure you popped it in far enough for it to catch. They are usually designed to fit inside the camera body where a CF card will usually stick out just a bit. My wifes new Canon SD870 even has a little push helper on the wrist strap to assist in pushing the card down far enough to get it to pop out.

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