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Jul 14, 2003
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have a 'desktop' or 'wallpaper' thread or section :?:

now you're probably going to say there is already one... 'cos i haven't actually looked... :roll: but i reckon it's a good idea... :)

I know i like creating my own backdrops for my computer and as soon as i get myself organised i could post them here for all to share... but would you? :D
You mean a graphicy arty sort of forum?
Why don't you suggest it in the Suggestion Forum? :)
bossman might love your idea!

All depends on how many people are into it I guess. Id actually love if someone could give a quick lil tutorial on how to actually make wallpapers.

Actually I'll move this to the suggestion box now.
Hi There!

I really like the idea of wallpaper section. I suppose a wallpaper is something that takes you away to a place you'd rather be or perhaps makes you feel relaxed or inspired so it should have a variety pictures submitted to it. i've been tempted to use pictures from here as a wallpaper but held back because of not wanting any disputes about usage.

Making wallpaper is simple enough to anyone who uses even the simplest picture editing software (except maybe paint!) essentially all you have to do is resize your image to a size in pixels that fits the screen you want to show it on. The two most common screen sizes are 1024x768 and 800x600 pixels, once you’ve re-sized it save it out as a jpg with as much compression as you feel you can get away with.

The simplest way I know to deliver an image to a Windows desktop is to post it as an image and then simply instruct people to right click on the image and if you use Windows 2000 select Set as Background or if you use NT4 or Windows98 select Set as Wallpaper. The image will then appear as your wallpaper. I’ve never owned a mac so I’m not sure there.

Of course if you're talking about actually printing off images and decorating you're living room with them, then that's something else entirely...

Here is an image i've used as a wallpaper, a holiday snap i took in Spain of a bullring. Feel free to set this as your wallpaper. the first is at 800x600 and the second is 1024x768 :D


i was messing around with wallpaper from my doll collection :twisted:
How many of you out there would be interested in contributing photos/graphic art as wallpaper for people to use?

If I see some interest in people willing to submit, I'll be happy to create a new section for it.
Sorry for my over zealous response earlier, :oops: i didn’t' realise it would end up here. I’d post some if you set it up.

I'd be in it! I've already got a wallpaper section on my site, but it is kinda lacking and needs updating.

Getting a collection of big ass images which can be used as backgrounds would be very useful, and I'd love to contribute. There are so many time's I've taken a photo and thought, that would make an excellent background if this this and this were done to it. Only problem is that I never get around to doing this, this and this to it.

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