Why I had a bad day and didn't get my car back

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by Not Neve, May 20, 2004.

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    Why is there so much bad service out there?

    I'm livid tonight...

    As you probably already know my car was stolen 2 weeks ago but recovered 2 days later. Initial conversations with the insurance went well until the initial adjuster took a few days off. The person covering took an entire business day to return each call I made to her and often without even making contact with me. (she called my cell when I asked her to call my work causing me to wait another day to talk to her). Finally last Friday I met with the appraiser. He was really nice and by the end of that day called to say the repairs were approved for pymt and that the shop would start the work. The shop waited until Monday to order the parts but finished the work today. I was called this morning and told my car was ready.

    I returned my rental car and went to the shop to pick up my car but they wouldn't let me take it unless I paid the $1900. First, why didn't they tell me this morning "the bill came to ____ and you need to pay for it (not the insurance)"? Why would the car sit in the shop UNTOUCHED for 4 days if I was paying for it and didn't need the insurance authorization? If I'm paying for the repairs and waiting for reimbursement shouldn't the repair start when I say it starts, not when the insurance says it starts?

    Of course, the person I needed to talk to was already gone for the day. There was no-one there who could give permission for me to take the car (without paying for it). I calming said to the guy "why didn't they tell me this before I returned the rental car?" Without hesitation he said that he'd get a rental car for me and they'd pick up the expense.

    As I got in the rental car I overheard the rental guy and the shop guy talking. The rental guy knew exactly which employee screwed up which tells me this isn't the first time they've heard of it. So tomorrow I get to start off my day trying to get my car without having to pay all of the money up front. If I have to pay it i'll put it on my credit card but not before I voice my concerns and unsatisfaction with the lack of communication. I think I'll be talking to/writing a letter to the manager!

    Whew! I feel a little better!

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    Man, that sucks. I'd check with your insurance company before paying the bill yourself. They may have an issue with that.
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    You really have my sympathies but it all comes back to the great American principle that no individual is responsible so incompetence becomes the norm.

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