Why Macs are better for photos

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I've never used a Mac, other than playing for a few minutes at a store. So I usually stay out of the PC vs. Mac BS. But, I've been wondering; why are Macs better (or perceived to be better) than PCs for photo editing? I'm not trying to dis Macs or Mac users. I'm honestly curious.

I use CS3 on my Sony VGC-VA10G running Windows XP. It's got 3 gigs of RAM, a 1TB hard drive, plus a 3GHz P4 and it never complains. Is it one of those "don't know what your missing" type of things? Is it because my pitiful excuse for a camera doesn't push enough pixels to tax my computer? I doubt anything said is going to get me to buy a Mac (at least not a new one), I'm a cheap bastard. lol. But I'd like to know what made you stop by an Apple store.

What is it about the Mac that draws the photography (or arts in general) crowd to it?
I've used macs for a long time, and I've used PC's. What I will say is just my opinion and I don't wanna start a discussion on "mac vs pc", go read other websites for that.

Back in the day, macs used to have superior graphics to PCs. Because of that, in many industries macs were recognized as a standard for graphics.

Of course in the recent years that all changed, but professionals working in these industries got used to macs, so eventually it became a matter of convenience than actual performance.

Right now, besides having a huge resolution on those built-in iMac displays, they're not better in any way than a PC. You can build a PC to be a lot more powerful than a mac with the same price, plus you can customize a PC to be what you want and to do how you want it.

A thing that might draw people to a mac is the fact that it looks pretty, and that all the software (or most of it) comes from Apple, so there are no bugs and it "just works."

Basically I look at it this way:

PC - lower price, better performance, potentially crappy built quality
Mac - awesome build quality, medium performance, high price
My personal bias take…which kinda repeats what Sovietdoc just said.

I own both PCs and a PowerMac G5 tower and I’ve worked on (and repaired) both for years. Neither one is better than the other. The do exactly the same thing, just differently. It’s all about personal preference.

I shoot thousands of frames of college sports each year. I manage and edit on both computers. If my wife is in the living room dancing with my daughter on the Wii, I go into the bedroom and use my PowerMac, which has Aperture and PhotoShop. If they are in the bedroom reading and giggling as they often do, I go in the living room and use the PC, which has Lightroom and PhotoShop.

Both computers do the same thing for me, just differently.

What draws arts to the Mac? A history that is no longer true today. Long, long ago Macs were basically the only serious game in town for computers and creativity. Mac was indeed better designed to handle the graphically intensive software. They got the early reputation for arts and creativity. PCs, meanwhile, were primarily business-oriented computers. They got that reputation. Artsy types used Macs. Grown up business types used PCs. And whether or not it remains true, many people still go by what was years and years ago.

Today, Windows-based machines have caught up. They can handle heavy graphics just as well as a Mac. When I worked in the arts back in New York City, I knew just as many pros using PCs as Macs. Neither is really "better" than the other. It’s just a matter of personal taste.

But that’s just my two cents.
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One of the main reason why people go for Mac because it's the best of both world. You can run Window Xp, Vista, and now 7 on a Mac if there's programs you want to do on PC that's not on a Mac. You can not install Mac OS on PC. Second is security and ease of use. Using a mac you don't to worry about virus, malware and etc.

Now I don't know why it's drawn so much people in photography as I never used Aperture before. I've been using final cut pro and it's an amazing video editing software. You can basically have all the tools to edit your videos like the pro. It include program the main one is final cut to edit scene, and video. Program to do motion where you can adjust the movement of the scene *slow motion* fast and etc. Colors to add specific colors you want to the movies. Soundtrack program to add my own sounds or create my own sounds. A program to compress my movies and a program to build my dvd main menu, burn and etc. It has all the program for each step of your post editing process to get exactly what you want like the pro. That's my biggest drawn on it. I'm sure PC got good program too like Adobe Premiere but I have not use it yet. All I can say is Final Cut pro that editor uses in a lot of good movies and tv shows in Hollywood.

I think the reason why it's drawn so many photography and arts in general is because it's been dedicated to the media world. It's a personal device that provide to those who are artistic and made programs that is easy to use but yet professional and provide everything they need from beginner to pro. The benefit they have is that they develop those program themselves so if you're new you don't have a slightest idea which program to use, it'll make it easier. Apple also provides iLife with every Mac which include garage band, iMovies for people who are beginner and learn those program as entry level and get a base of what they could do without putting any $$ into buying program they know nothing about. People think a Mac is harder to use but in reality, a Mac is easier to use than a PC if you're never touched a computer. One example, if you're new to computer you don't know how to uninstalled a program. You hit delete, but you leave some files that you're not suppose to on PC. On a Mac you drag almost any program you install to the trash and you're done. No need to uninstall or any other BS. I'm sure there's other people who could chine in on this.

I owns both PC and Mac. Personally, any high end Mac I would not put my money toward because it's too expensive for the things they provide. I only use the Macbook Pro 13 because it's well within a decent price range and it's good for my daily use for school, work and personal life. As for as PC vs. Mac. it's up to personal reference. I've been a Mac user for quite awhile but I still use a PC for my power built to do heavy duty stuff. I love Apple and Mac but that doesn't stop me from thinking they do overpriced their ish for the cheap video cards and HD and other things they provide. As far as built quality, like I said, Apple is second to none. That is the main reason a lot of people use Apple, piece of mind.
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Macs suck thats why lol. There as bad as Sony with there own brand and nothing else attitude. Stay away from them they will suck you dry
Its a personal preference. Macs and PCs are equally capable.

I personally think PCs are ok but I think the Windows operating system sucks (Vista really sucked, Win 7 is slightly better). BUT THAT'S JUST MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE. This is coming with a development and IT background that includes linux, windows, and unix. My desktop at work is a Mac workstation (by request). Three friends of mine have been "converted"... all three are pretty happy with their decision.

There are windows users who have never used Mac


Almost all Mac users are also windows users.

Guess which group tends to flat out say Macs suck? Honestly, neither platform really sucks.
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I am a MAC guy. I hate PCs. MACs are easier to use and run new software on, and they are more reliable than PCs. All this is just my opinion and from my personal experience. My 5 yr old MAC Mini, which has a slower processor, slower hard drive, and less ram, starts, runs and works better than my 3 yr old PC laptop!

The best example I can give is this: a close friend of mine does color balance and computer work, not sure exactly what, on high end, commercial, printing presses. Her company was bought out buy HP a few years ago. What does HP, who make PC computers, give her to do her job????? A MAC! That tells me something right there.
No im an sorry but we cannot have this conversation again, there have been countless threads on this topic and they always end up in arguement, mainly because people are massively biased, usually based on one lousy experience with one brand or the other... or just what they own right now, people just like to defend what they have spent thier hard earned money on.

I own both PCs and a PowerMac G5 tower and I’ve worked on (and repaired) both for years. Neither one is better than the other. The do exactly the same thing, just differently.

This is ALL you need to know about the topic. /End
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