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Brad Hardy

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Jan 6, 2008
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Jumped the gun, I haven't even finshed the post work on this, I just could wait any longer to share it. What do ya think?


-Brad Hardy
The clarity you get in your shots on eyes is amazing.
His hair is merging with the background.
My first thought was.......what the hell........2 sec. pass.......Oh, wow, that's good. Two sec. for the eyes to grab me. That's powerful, powerful good. ron
The eyes are seriously amazing. They just pull you straight in and you can't stop staring at them. He looks like he is stalking someone down haha. I can also see you taking the picture in his eyes :).
You could really need to have a light from the back to separate the hair from the background and to create a more dynamic lighting. And I'd tone down the saturation to like 50-60%! Good luck with further editing.
I like the shot. But to me his expression doesnt seem believable. I am assuming you were going for a look that says he just survived a week in the woods, or something like that. But to me his look says he just rubbed some dirt on his face and posed for a picutre. IMO
I like it a lot. He looks to me like a coal miner who has just sat down to take a breather. I'd leave it just as it is. The eyes are fantastic!
Impressive...well done:thumbup:
He has a little smirk which I think is ruining it. The whole photo seems to look dramatic but then he has this smirk which kills it.
You defenetly take/edit some uniqe photos.
What is with the grease monkey look? Is this in vogue now, perhaps I should visit my mechanic...


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