Wildflower with spider


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Feb 14, 2013
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Westminster, CO
Sooooooo......I've been here for a little bit but never posted any pics, until now. This will be the first time I've ventured into the Canon photo editor aaaaaand the first photo I've posted here. I just need basic(or not so basic) C&C. Be honest...but nice.

This is one of many from hiking around the Eagles Nest Wilderness near Frisco, CO. I took quite a few pics but this was the one I was really interested in. And it was the last one I took on my hike. I was almost back to the trailhead when I noticed a yellow spot on this purple flower. I almost kept going but something made me take a closer look. I'm glad I did, I just wish I had a macro lens to get closer to the action in the shot. So without further ado, heres my first posted photo....


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I love the colours. I would have taken a few steps to the left or right to separate the flowers from background on the side with the spider. It would have popped more if you had only the green behind it. I also would have laid a small portable reflector (while hiking a folded piece of white paper can be easily carried) under the spider to get some more light under his fat back. Others will be able to give you technical input.
Thanks Leighthal, I'll remember the paper reflector tip. I tried to move around a little to get as little else in the background but couldn't, this was right in the middle of a bunch of other flowers. I did crop out the majority of the other attention grabbers though...

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