Window without a View


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Aug 15, 2006
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strange, a window, just to let in air
for after all there's nothing out there

not a building, a person, a road, or any of that
not a bird or tree, or even a desert rat

i'd like a place where I could sit in thought
and gaze upon beauty, but here there is not.

just sand, salt and dust, and an occasional wind
to blow it around and make it featureless again.

i sit quiet in the shadows as i gaze through
at a barren world outside the window without a view.

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Desolated ...

Great shot
Very spooky and atmospheric with an interesting composition. I love how the window seems to just be floating in the blackness.

Thanks Mersad. The composition was intentional with the horizon being just about halfway, but not quite within the window too. I wanted something that seemed like ~not a view~ on the first impression, but very interesting on study.

Great idea and nice shot.

Thank you.

Desolated ...

Great shot


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