Windows Photo Gallery - how do you fix it to show the photo and not a gallery?


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May 6, 2007
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I installed a microsoft office program a couple of weeks ago, and it decided to install a graphics program that changed the settings for what opens a jpg.

I tried to change the default program for jpgs back to windows photo gallery but now instead of opening that image, it opens a gallery view and only shows pictures that I have already added to its database. I then have to go through the process of adding the new picture just so I can view it.

I want to simply view the picture that I double clicked on, but I can not figure out how to fix it.

Does anyone here know how to do this?

I forgot to mention that im using vista.

I know how to assosciate a file type to a program. I have associated jpgs to Windows Photo Gallery, but when it opens the image, it doesnt actually, it just shows a gallery view.

I have vista on a desktop as well, and when I go into the control pannel section that lets me adjust what files are associated to what program, its simply listed as windows photo gallery as well. But on that machine, it shows the image right away, not a gallery view.

When I open the windows photo gallery on the laptop, and look around in options, etc, I dont see any settings that would let me view the image right away instead of the gallery view.
Update, when I right click on an image and click on preview, I get the window that im looking for. But I have no clue how to get the preview to become the default action. Any ideas?
I'm not a vista user, and when given the choice, use XP over Vista any day of the week, so I am afraid you will have to use method #2 and do a little looking. You obviously already know that you cannot associate it to the gallery... try the fax and picture previewer.

Good luck! :)
fax and photo viewer is an xp thing, vista changed to windows photo gallery. :) in general I prefer vista over xp. but it would be nice if this was easy to figure out. but at least I got hte preview method at my disposal.

Thanks for the advice anywase. : )

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