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Aug 5, 2013
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I just calibrated my DELL U2412M. And after that Windows Viewer shows my images way to dark. But in for example photoshop it looks correct.

Why is this and what can i do to correct it?

Thanks you
Specifically how did you calibrate your Dell monitor?

What version of Windows.

Most likely cause would be a missing ICC profile in the photo file. If you open a photo in Photoshop and then open that same photo in Windows photo viewer and place them side by side on the screen they should appear identical.

Can you post one of the photos?

Here's a screen shot from my system with the same photo open in both Photo viewer and Photoshop.


$test.jpgI use Windows 7.

I don´t think it is a missing ICC Profile in the image because when i download an image from the web its the same problem. I will attach a screenshot that shows the same image viewed in Windows Picture Viewer and Photoshop.
I have read that the issue may be that Windows Picture Viewer is not Color managed, do you know anything about that?

thank you very much.
Windows Picture Viewer is color managed in that it responds correctly to embedded ICC profiles in images.

Another guess would be a large enough discrepancy between your monitor's calibrated state and it's profile so that you're seeing Photoshop processing the new monitor profile, but I would expect Photo Viewer to do the same.

I think that's it. It's your new monitor profile. Photoshop is using that new profile and Windows Photo Viewer is not using the new profile. You're then seeing the discrepancy between your monitor's physically calibrated state and the i1 Display profile.

I downloaded a program called FastStone image Viewer which shows the image correct. I do like the Windows Picture Viewer better though.

So if anyone knows how to make Windows Picture Viewer to show my images correct please let me know! Thank you.

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