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Apr 30, 2008
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Sunnyvale, CA
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Tonight's shots...

I wasn't sure if I liked having the glass completely in frame or not, so I did it both ways

flash was behind the white sheet bouncing off of the wall behind that at 1/2 power for the two pouring shots. Still at half power but pointed towards the glass through the sheet in the top shot.
it looks like a blush to me. it would be more striking if it were a dark red merlot or something. I do like the way you can see the bubbles in the liquid, and I like the second one of the pouring better, with only part of the glass in frame. but the shadow behind the glass is a little distracting.
those are awesome pictures..
I like 3 the most.
I argee that I'd rather see a Merlot though - but I guess that just personal preferance. Not trying to critique your choice of wine. ;)
I agree that the it would look better if the sheet was ironed
These are some great shots I really like #3 the best

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