Winnipeg at night

I like the second one the best, the color is very crisp, I like the reflection on the water and the composition is nice. The last one is very nice also, the picture look old but sharp at the same time. I don't particularly like the angles of 1 and 3, sorry...
number 2's the best by far...Number 4 I like, but it seems a little crooked, and a for some reason it seems a little out of focus?
I like number 2. I lived there for 15 years, they make me homesick
I guess I'm the out man out . I think #1 and 3 are great. Love the perspective in both. The sky in #1 is killer. #2 and 4 although very good , I've seen before. thanks for posting them.
#2 looks like it belongs on a postcard.
I like #3 as well.
Nice !

#1 is really interesting the angle and colors
Thanks for the comments guys, much appreciated! Life brought me to a city that's not very photogenic (and I'm being gentle here). One of my long-term projects is to build a collection of pictures that make Winnipeg look great. Hopefully one day I'll have the knowledge that some of you have, and I'll be able to make chicken salad out of chicken feces. :)

The sky in #1 is killer.
Winnipeg might not be the prettiest place on Earth, but we have some of the most amazing skies out there.

I lived there for 15 years, they make me homesick
People only start appreciating this place when they leave...

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