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Winter in New England


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Dec 15, 2007
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Thanks in advance for any comments you may have!




I like your third shot, good composition and good subject. I like how the sunlight create that kind of effect. I don't really like how that stupid powerline cut across because it kind of take out the nature feeling of the photograph, maybe you can take it out by using photoshop but I don't know how. lol.

I also like the second, good shot. The composition is not all that creative though. IMO

I would crop out some snow from the foreground in the first one.
Love the second one. First one, In my extremely non professional opinion could use some cropping.
I like how perfect the snow looks in #4... as if it were placed exactly :)
I like the feel of number 4. Kinda an old feeling. I would edit out the post that covers the right side of your first one though. Its kinda distracting. I keep wanting to look at it.
Nice edited images - but a cheating photograph!
Of the orginals, I like #3 without the power lines!
3 is just plain awesome. I prefer the original, btw.
#3 was taken from my front porch to the trees across the street.. The barn is mine :) in my yard.. I have summer pictures of the barn as well.. this yard is a perfect place for photos.. with the gardens and natural wild flowers.... thanks for the comments.
BTW - The #2 picture is of my apple tree last winter.. as you can see it got too heavy from the snow.. you can even still see the red birdhouse there (only natural color in the photo)... I think thats what I liked about it most...
this yr it is no longer there.. was chopped up and burned..
I would love #3 with the powelines cloned out (would take some time to do it right).
I would love #3 with the powelines cloned out (would take some time to do it right).

I know it can be done.. I just dont have the proper editing software.. I wish I did.. Thanks for all the comments!

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