Winter Macro using Ice and Sunlight

Jens Heidler

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Mar 15, 2019
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Hey everyone,
finally there was a cold night and my garden was covered with ice.
This allowed me to take some interesting bokeh macro photos using very unusual macro setup: No flash, no diffuser, open aperture and autofocus. At the end I must say it was one of the greatest photography shoots I have ever had, here is what you need:
Any camera, a very cold night and a sunny morning (This time POV style):
Damn. That video don't work for me neither.:mad-new:

I'll catch it on Youtube later tho.
Worked for me. Thanks for posting and the ideas. I've been looking at winter all wrong. Lol.
Amazing! Nicely done.
Still can't get it to work. Maybe its because of Brexit :D
Thank you:)
Can you copy the link to make to work?
I've tried it both on my PC and tablet in this browser without success. I'll try it later on YouTube direct on my PC. I have 3 browsers set up on there so hopefully one will work.
Nice video. I'm still waiting for the temperature to go below 50 around here. :blueface:

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