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Dec 4, 2008
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Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
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Well an unexpected guest arrived in our backyard ... living just north of Toronto Canada in the winter I was not expecting to see a raptor flying around our small back deck.
A Merlin (Taiga) looks like it has been hunting in our backyard ... landing on our deck rail ... on the roof ... and in the berry tree just 10ft away ... too bad it was not facing the other way.

Merlin (Taiga) by Dennis, on Flickr
I actually like that he's facing away like this - what a great perspective of the bird. I love the detail of those back feathers, and nice textures in the branches.

Good shooting!
I don't mind which way it's facing- very well caught in my opinion :)

Thanks for the feedback ... possibly it is still around and come back (we have Dove's hanging around our feeder) to hunt.
Maybe not as desirable as a front side shot for a 'framed pic' or 'photo contest' but animals back sides are interesting, too. Nice shot, I like the over the shoulder pose, just like a model's. :wink-6:

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