Winter Scene

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Aug 11, 2021
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Nice shot. Something bothers me about it. My eyes tend to be pulled down to the ground and not up toward the sky. Maybe lowering the whites on the snow & raising the exposure on the sky would help.
… My eyes tend to be pulled down to the ground and not up toward the sky. Maybe lowering the whites …

This tension is the shot Scott. Your eyes always are searching for the light
and, normally, it comes from above — here is not exception but a hole in
the clouds is playing with the viewer. :)
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I'm envious of your recent shots as this is not a very pretty time for us. We get little snow, the colorful leaves have fallen, and cold weather turns most everything a dull brown.

Creating "tension" in an image is a delicate balance of all the elements in the scene, it isn't easy. In your image my eye isn't going back and forth it's being dragged one way or the other and held. Yes light is an element of composition, but so is texture, color, and spatial relationships. The other thing about "tension" is you want interesting little features to catch the eye while wandering around, otherwise it will settle in the most dominant area. When you blow up the image there are some features on the hill, but at normal vewing resolution on a screen they aren't as obvious. Sometimes when we try to force an image in a scene that just isn't there, the intrest we envisioned in the mind before we snapped the shutter doesn't show up on the screen, IMO it's not on the same level as your other winter scenes.
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All your winter scenes are awesome, but I get cold just looking at them. We start complaining when it gets down to 60F (that's 15.5C) here in coastal California ;)
Johnny come lately to this critique but while it's a "nice" bucolic winter scene, for me it lacks pop. Too much droll and dreary cloud cover, a bit of a color cast and has nothing that grabs one's eye to give the whole scene more than a passing glance. I did give it some pop and got rid of the cast color but not sure it does much more for the scene...oh, and you might want to clean your sensor.

I've been out in the field with that kind of light. It gives me the chills just to look at it.

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