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Feb 1, 2004
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Lower Saxony, Germany
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...things changed considerably out in nature! (Pics taken at the end of March and at the beginning of May)


I just like to explore the area around the mill on the river! I go there over and again!
The first one is so beautiful, but it's also so nice that you were able to go back and compose the same shot. Great stuff :)
Looks great!!! I love seeing the difference between them both! Love the 1st as well, but also love the Springy feel in the second!

i like them both! the first is very serene. i can sense the quiet with only movement of the water whispering.

the second makes me want to grab my fly rod and chase that big brown trout that must be laying right behind that spot of brush in the water! lol!
nice photos

the first one looks like an IR shot of the second!
That first shot is sooo cool. Love it Corinna. Nice to see you go back to the same spots too. I will go sometime 3 or 4 times, to see the changes to a favorite place.
#1 is beautiful!
thanks for the comparison... nice work!:)
Thank you all for your kind replies.
Yes, that frosty morning in late March was quite something else, everything was sooo beautiful against the clear blue sky and the sun making all the frost glitter ... but spring is also beautiful and I might step over that swampy meadow yet again to get to the point where these two were taken (but only for as long as there are no cows on that meadow ... after that ... no more Corinna in the place!!!! :shock: )
Great shots Corina, I know you have done this at several locations and it is always nice to see the difference in the photos from season to season.

great shots, i like the winter shot the best though

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