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Dec 12, 2011
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Grand Rapids, MI
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Does anyone have any good or bad experiences with this camera retailer?
It's the same as Ritz. They're practically the same company. So, it's good. I have $50 in gift cards to there if you're interested. I'll sell them to you for $40. ;)

I'm beyond thrilled with my latest transaction with them, but someone did report that their cust service over the phone needs improvement.
They are the same company, they just use different names in different markets. I've dealt with them many times and while their prices aren't the best, they are trustworthy. I don't use them all that much because I shoot Sony and they do not carry many sony products. I do buy my filters there. And I get my pictures made there.
Slow to ship .. I just got a refurb d7000 and it took them a week before they shipped . Ok otherwise.. Only the one transaction
My local Ritz (same company - they also owned a marine/boating supply chain at one point) is very small and has limited merchandise, but that's where I get my prints made.
Thanks for all the replies. I preordered D800 from them hoping They won't drag my order out for too long after the official launch.

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