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    I went to wolfgap yesterday, took my dads old pentax k1000 camera to try it out...(i had taken it to gettysburg the week before and NONE of my pictures turned out..they were blank :grumpy:, but this time they were there YAY) Here's some of em...

    1. This is a rattle snake my friend almost stepped on and she jumped on top of me and made me slice my ankle open haha. THEENN after that I almost stepped on a copperhead:thumbdown: eek.

    2.This was at the very top of the mtn.

    3.The old not so safe looking bridge we had to cross at the top

    4. Half-way up

    5.um...a little over half way up haha

    I had a lot of fun using this camera! I didn't know what type of film to get and walmart only had a few selections so I would up getting 400...Is that why my photos are so grainy?


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