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Sep 18, 2007
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With a new Sony CyberShot DSC-F707 i got some pictures of my dog, Al Capone.
He is a Black Lab if anyones wondering.​

Picture One.

Picture Two.

Picture Three.

Picture Four.

Picture Five.

Picture Six.

Picture Seven.

Please Comment && Critique them.
I'd really appreciate it :)
Im always looking on ways to improve :)

first...get rid of the time/date stamp...second way over exposed outside, third white balance is off, framing is good!
yea, I got rid of the date stamp for all new pictures, but I cant seam to reamove them from these x.x

Umm? Over exposed xD Care to explain more?

And I will fix the white balance, I know how I just forgot about it xD

And thanks :)
Tought shot black dog and white snow....

But the good news is their is not such thing as a bad photo of a lab.
Thanks :)
Yea, Labs are fun to take pictures of, my dog loves to model xD
I am not sure what the closest focus distance of your camera is, but with 6 and 7 you might just have gotten too close, since the dog is out of focus. or it was jstu moving too much ;)

a black dog in white snow is not easy exposure-wise. If you want detail on the dog, the bright background is easily overexpose. If you get the background correctly exposed, the dog might be just a black silhouette in the end. One has to find a compromise in between ... or just go for the dog, since he is the main subject.
Thanks Jchantelau. Yea my dad named him x)

lol :)

Thank you < 3 With 6&7 he was moveing to much, hes not exactly fond of the flah and baseball xD He was moveing alot.
It was a bit out of focuse too though, I had it on maual focuse instead of auto xP
And yea, I was just messing with the camera during the snow pictures, not really working with the lighting or anything.
You may be able to fix some of the overexposure in adobe. Try using a curves layer to darken it, then control+I for layer mask then use brush set at about 30% opacity and paint over dog to darken a bit

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