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May 20, 2010
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Every time I take a picture I always use the rule of third to assist me on my composition. I felt that I have been influenced by this rule too much, at the end my composition doesn't come out right most of the time. So I decided to forget about all composition rules that I read so far, but use my instinct and eyes to compose my picture, and that was what I did yesterday. Since I had been using my camera for a while now, I am very confident with my exposure skill. so the only thing I did was just concentrate on my composition alone, which give the only thing to work for at the time. I felt my composition improve but not great. Please let me know if you have a different opinion. Any comments are welcome.

These pictures taken yesterday on a very sunny afternoon. The light was harsh as you can tell from all the harsh shadow. I had my Tamron 17-50 f2.8 with a polariser on. All pictures were processed using Lightroom 3.

1. ISO 640, 1/100, f/8 at 17mm


2. ISO 200, 1/100, f/8 at 23mm (did a limited dodge and burn in lightroom 3)


3. ISO 200, 1/100, f/8 at 17mm


Thank you.
There are no rules for good photographs, there are only good photographs. ... Ansel Adams
What do you people think rule of thirds is?? The first 2 could be said to follow rule of thirds. The 3rd one doesn't, but isn't the best of the 3 anyway.
Lol its not a bad thing! They are the more interesting shots of the 3, and whats best is you framed how "your" eye sees it best, instead of trying to translate something thats been repeated out of context for years.
Keep working on it, see the entire frame. If you want to include a foreground element it needs to be interesting, other wise it is a distraction.
Photos are overall a little bright and possible the highlights/dodge tool was used a hair too much to even out the shadows.
Lower the exposure reduce contrast a smidge and just a hair of highlights.
Next time shoot early or late :), if you can.

Take the polarizer off, it is a tool, put it on when needed. It is robbing you of light/shutter speed.
Rules are made to be broken, when you have a reason to do so. They're not there just for the sake of being there. Moose Peterson, a very highly regarded Outdoor/Nature professional photographer often violates the rule of not having the subject dead center in the photograph. Each picture was just that much stronger of a composition. I've heard him explain this about several photographs. He also carefully viewed his entire image in the viewfinder before he takes a picture, as he doesn't crop in PP.

In picture # 1 is over exposed on the right side grass/tree area. Since the trees on both sides help frame the water as it moves through the scene, chopping/cropping the tops of the foreground trees, hurts, not helps. Look at the lower right hand corner. There is the wall of the bridge you're standing on. That should have been eliminated in your original composition, if missed, then removed in PP.

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