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May 6, 2011
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British Columbia
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Took my Canon 50 mm f/1.8 II out to get some more practice. I'm working on getting sharp images, while trying to keep them interesting.

My goal this day was to shoot a face carved into a marble statue but noticed this letting on another statue and found it to be more interesting.

Converted to B&W using NIK Silver Efex 2, with some minor adjustments as well in LR.

Please let me know what you think.


Letters from another land by Boaketography, on Flickr

1/200 sec
ISO 200


Entrance to the Valley 2 by Boaketography, on Flickr

1/640 sec
iso 100
No flash
Canon 320ex fired on camera.
I suspected this were boring......

Honestly, yes. LOL

Why are you showing us pics with your f1.8 that you could get with a kit lens? Seriously drop that thing to f4 or wider and go rock some serious depth of field.
I find that even on these shots, the kit lens isn't as sharp. I was also trying to become more familiar with the NIK software, hence the b&w conversion.
I just remember going crazy taking portraits and close ups after i got my 50mm trying to get crazy blur.
I remember when I got my first 50mm. I spent days shooting at only f/1.8, I was obsessed with the creamalicious bokeh. So obsessed I didnt notice that my subject wasnt that sharp. Then I stopped down to f/4.

Have you seen Aladin? That song where he goes, "Its a whole new world!" Yea, its kinda like that.

Anyway in regards to the pics, nice to see you stopped down. But you really can get this sharpness out of your kit lens I imagine. Though it is true by the nature of the lens primes are sharper than zoom lenses.
Going to f/8 on an f/1.8 is unnecessary for well lit situations. On the Nikon 50mm f1.8 it is sharpest in the f/4-f/5.6 range, at night f/8-f/11
Thanks for the input. I was trying my hardest not to shoot with it wide open. Shot a few at 2.8 that day of random stuff and it turned out ok. Next time I'm out I will stick to f/4 and see what develops.

Better get back out shooting. I'd like to do some portrait work with it but my main subjects would be my kids and I know how well portraits of one's family are received on here...

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