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Jan 3, 2010
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Here are some shots i took on a Bermuda leg of the Scott Kelby worldwide photo walk. C&C is always appreciated!

for more info about the world walk check out Scott Kelby's Third Annual | Worldwide Photo Walk







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"Simplicity" seems to have been your keyword in mind for the first four here, which is why I like them really much!

The fifth is very colourful and pretty but also quite busy, and the last gives us a nice insight into what the streets look like that you are likely to see every day but it is not quite as strong as the first four.
1,2,4 are my favorites. You did a good job at extracting details, little slices of life, from your photowalk. My favorite though is #2, for its emphasis on rectilinear design elements and repeating shapes,and its lovely "flat" feeling. The butterfly shot seems a little bit too juiced up for my taste; if the saturation on it were reduced somewhat, I think I'd move it into the "like" category. The last shot, #6 is a lovely reminder of the colors, the street design, the flora of the place, but I'm just not feelin' it as a photograph, I think because the backlighted situation is kind of washing out all those intense colors of the houses. I can sort of mentally imagine a short of the contrasting colors of the roof line and chimney segments taken from maybe 10-15 paces left, but this look down the street is not coming together as a unified travel photo, for me at least.
La Foto: Thanks! I love simplicity and finding interesting lines and colors. I agree with you on # 5 and actually cropped out allot of the 'busy' lea***e for the final pic. The crop won my local photo walk! (out of all three submissions lol). #6 is a great scene but i havent been happy with this shot.

"the saturation on it were reduced somewhat, I think I'd move it into the "like" category"
Ill give this a try, im still new to processing raw and i get a lil exited with the saturation slider! I see what you mean the colors are bleeding on the flowers in the background.

#6 i would love to go back and shoot in better light. the light was really flat when i shot this and though its a lovely scene i had to pump up the saturation to get the colors to pop like they should. In the end i wasnt happy and couldnt put a finger on why so thanks for pointing it out.

Appreciate the feedback guys, thanks!

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