Writing an "Article of Interest" on Astrophotography -- Requests?

Discussion in 'Off Topic Chat' started by astrostu, Feb 20, 2007.

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    Hello All -

    I've decided to put together an "Article of Interest" (for that forum near the top of the Forums list) on astrophotography with modern consumer digital cameras. This seems to be a reasonably popular topic, but it also seems to be one that has many common pitfalls that there have been repeated questions about.

    I have my own list of things I think should be addressed in such an article, but since this is for y'all, I'm taking requests for things to address.

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    You're timing could not be better. I'm only now getting interested in this type of photography. The stuff I'd like to know:

    What types of telescope optics are suitable for photos through a "t" mount?

    What telescope accessories are necessary or helpful to piggyback the camera?

    What mounts are suitable to carry a telescope and camera combination? I know it will depend on weight of the combination.

    What are the choices for motorizing and guideing the mounts?

    What are the software choices available to stack exposures?

    Just how big is the stuff we are photographing in terms of width field of view. Some of the faint nebulas are huge !
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    Thought I'd give this a *bump* since I'm on Spring Break this week and will have time to hopefully finish it. Any more requests?

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