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Wrong Side?!


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May 30, 2003
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I have a very small car and driving home from work on Friday I was following this van. Van moves over . . .

and this is what I see.

bleh! freaked me out for a sec.

good to see u still had time to get the camera out!
now thats a real photographer

mac truck hurtling towards me...
grab the camera or steer car away to save life...hmmm

great pic :)
erm, sorry, but it was an illusion. The truck was being towed. I was following the green van you see to the left of the picture. When it moved over (rather suddenly) all I saw was the truck!!! For that split second my heart stopped. oy!

My camera was in my seat next to me, picked it up & clicked.

:puke-rig: :puke-rig: I just got sick thinking about it. thanks. anybody seen the matrix yet? that pictures makes me think of the freeway scene.

I was wondering how you had time to take the picture, but then I finished reading. That would give me a jolt too. Make your heart skip a beat.

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