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Feb 29, 2008
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Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania
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Hey guys,
I'm looking to buy a used DSLR camera. Brand does not really matter to me, although I do like the way the Nikons felt at the camera shop. I am 15 years old so getting a job is very hard at this point, and my parents can't really help me out with a recent identity theft and my insulin being so expensive. I have managed to save up 100 dollars over the past few months by helping out friends parents with odd jobs. I have 100 bucks to spend, possibly more depending on when (and if) I get any offers. I was hoping for something not too cosmetically messed up, but function is more important than cosmetics. I doubt anyone could part with a body and lens for 100 bucks, but if someone could then that would be great! If not, ill have to mow a bunch of lawns until I can use my new camera. Thanks for reading and thanks for any offers.

Sorry, but you ain't gonna get a working DSLR for $100, not even an old, used, beat-up one. Save up about $300, then keep your eyes peeled for deals on Craigslist and KEH.
Yeah. It's hard to come by one for under 300$. I got a Nikon lens for free from a friend, so I just looked for a body only, and it took me months just to find a Nikon D70 for $250.
Nikon D1 bodies sell for about $125-$200 on eBay.

Other first generation DSLRs seem to have similar prices. A few may be less.
lmao sorry man but good luck with that. save up about 2-300 more and you should get a decent deal.
yeah I think that for $300 you should be able to get a lens and a body, like a used D40 or something, waiting to save up will definitely be worth it but always be on the lookout for deals

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