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Aug 30, 2010
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Why does it say next to my name.... 'TPF Noob'

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Seriously, are you that distraught? It is going based on the amount of posts. It will change as you post more. I wish it didn't count useless posts this one. :lmao:
oh ok

well i just wonderd, if some one call's me a noob i want to know why :lol:
Haha kevholt it's alright man, I did the same thing too. With the more posts to put up or comments you make that goes up and up and people judge you on it. Post some of your work and maybe you will be as popular as Derrel, Markw, and Big Mike.
At least it's better than a "What camera / what lens" thread.

Now that you have everybody's attention, do you have a photo related question?

BTW, the answers will be Nikon D700 and the 300mm f/2.8. :biggrin:
Congrats! You havent wasted so much of your time on this forum like most of us!
lol we were all noobs at one point in our life. The time is now yours.
Just don't post any threads like: Which camera should I get, or what lens do you suggest. Just warning you. These people will tear you to pieces if you post something like that on here. Even if it the beginner forum. Well I don't know about the rest on here but I certainly will.

Welcome and enjoy the Forum.

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