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May 7, 2011
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Ever since I calibrated my monitor with the i1, my pictures have come out wayyy and vibrant. Pretty much, unless you're looking at the picture through my monitor it doesn't look good. (friends viewing pictures)

I've done the profiling several times and only work in the dark. Brightness was set to 120 and then I let the profiler set the colors from there.

Has anyone else had problems like this after profiling? Are regular monitors just that far off?
Depends on the gamut of the monitor. Also depends on your software. What software do you use?

What can you tell us about the result of the calibration? Does it tell you the primaries of red green and blue in CIE co-ordinates, or draw a triangle on a horseshoe graph?

Also what settings did you calibrate it with?
Which i1 instrument did you use? I guess that you used i1 Profiler software, which is quite good. I switched to it from ProfileMaker and ColorEyes for monitor profiling and prefer it to those for that purpose There is more than one version, but I assume that each module remains the same across the versions (don't know for sure). As Garbz says, tell us the settings and also tell us whether you used manual gain controls or let i1 Profiler control the hardware (DDC).

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