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Mar 16, 2008
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what do you guys think. everytime i shoot a flower i gravitate toward the whole overly bright saturated sunny look. i wanted to try something different.
sorta a dark pseudo hdr image. id love to hear some feed back.
thanks guys:lmao:

I like the idea. It seems there was camera shake or something done while PPing. I also think its a bit too cropped. -Danny
nice shot, i think it could get better if it was just a tad sharper
nay for me.. mainly because i'm tired of the same old pictures of flowers... surely there must be other ways to shoot flowers.. everyone does them the same... lets see something new in flower shots!!!
If this is a HDR composed of a few shots the problem might not be a focusing problem but a HDR problem. If so, I guess the flower was moving (or you were not using a tripod) while you were shooting so there are little position differences in the photos which are used to make HDR.

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