yet another flash question 430 exII , 580 exII


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Oct 28, 2007
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Ft. Worth, TX
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so i spent the week with the 580exII and well still need practice but it needs to go back. i was looking at prices and well from an amature point is the 430 that much different than the 580? there is a few post here and that that touch the subject but none that can really say in the same post the differences that make the 580 better than the 430. im looking to shoot more indoor skate action and will be getting something wide, 10-22 would be nice but i will more than likely get a fish eye and crop it as needed since it seems like most skate action is shot that way. anywho, help on the 580 vs 430 specs would be good. also if someone has both and would like to say why one is better im all ears.

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