Yet Another Very First HDR


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Jun 17, 2010
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Very first attempt at an HDR. Comments welcome both good and bad :mrgreen:. Thank You

not bad for a first try, on my monitor it looks a bit flat and not very sharp
is this handheld? which will influence sharpness

you may want to put it in your basic editing program and tweak with curves
ann could you explain what you mean by tweak it with curves? I know it's a stupid question, but I have no idea what curves is..
Curves is a tool used to change contrast, similar to levels, but think better.
here is a link that will help you understand the tool.

How To Use Curves in Photoshop | Tutorial9

Curves is found on many editing programs, not only PS and performs the same function.

and by the way this is not a stupid question.
Thanks a lot! On my Canon software I noticed that if your photo leans to one side of the histogram & you hit the auto curves button it moves the histogram to the center, but I didn't understand what exactly it did to the image (other than the obvious). Thanks.
Black and white on Bynx's edit would be cool.
Ann, yes I shot this hand held without a tri-pod.

Bynx, thanks for the corrections, looks great. Looks like I need to spend more time on learning PP.

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