Yews and tombs


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Feb 16, 2006
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The churchyard at Painswick, Gloucestershire. It has 99 yew trees - reputedly the 100th will never grow! For more information go to:

Tony, all your lovely "England-photos" only enhance my yearning to come over again and visit all your churches and graveyards, some of which are so old... it is not easy to still find graveyards with graves so old in our average German village, at least now that I would know of. I had to travel into Hamburg and go to the famous (to any?) Ohlsdorf Cemetery to find some intersting tombstones or angels or so. Ordinary village graveyards totally lack this character and atmosphere that you were able to capture here...
I should say Corinna that this is one of the very best English village churchyards. However, it is true that there are many old churchyards in England, and that there are interesting regional differences between them, and that it is easy to find one in which good photographs can be made, wherever you live in this country.


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