YO! I'm all in AMERICA!

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Nov 13, 2007
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Mount Penn, PA
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Just so you know,i made it to the Americas in one piece. Me and my boy! we're now here for a couple a weeks and its kickin ass seeing the husband! His keyboard sucks though and its taking me a month on sundays to type anything coz the space bar just doesnt work propperly so i have to go back and correct it every couple a words!

Other than the annoying keyboard everything is grand! :)

Didnt take any pics on the way over, it was too dark and so nothingmuch to see - i did bring a small camera though so who knows if i'll have something to share when i get back - i decided to leave the expensive camera at home - just as well really coz im sure my bag wassearched at the airport -this gift i bought wasnt in my suitcase and im99.9% sure it was in there when i left home! weird.

Anyways! Yes! I got here last night, stupid o'clock in the morning in my head, 9pm in america! My son was awake the entire flight! He then decided to fall asleep on landing of all times!!! Strange child! We then drove an hour back and went to the diner. By this time it was like 4am or something stupid in my head and so i'm all like wtf! as my boy sat there happily eating away at a toasted cheese sandwich!!

I got loads of sleep last night for the first time in ages! Got up this morning and immediately set out in search of beverages.

Also, chocolate was in hand seeing as my boy, being 11, was all like WOOOOAH We dont havethat in our country!!

Thats the tale of the fraggle stateside. I could have spiced it up a bit with spangly bits but hey!!! I MADE IT!


p.s. i laughed far too much at some of the post headlines this morning!! I blame jet lag! :D

Now im here im gonna count to ten and you lot better go hide!
We know all the good places, locals only... Dont check the touristy pubs
Enjoy your stay there!
why do you and your husband live apart?
coz we're too cool to live together! This much cool ALL the time would make the world explode!

That and a whole bunch of other reasons.
I don't tend to eat oysters generally.

I think i only ever had them twice in my entire life.

Mean little ****ers they are.

Totally *cough* Shelfish!

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