YONGNUO YN-622n. TX flash trigger


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Aug 22, 2012
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Houston, Texas
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just got a yongnuo YN-622N TX trigger and also 2 un-622 receivers. First off I need some explanations on what/how the delay works? I've had some issues with Miss fires on ttl. The flash is on ttl, AF on, trigger on ttl and the zoom on AU which when I zoom in and out I can hear the flash motor adjust the zoom. I can get it all to fire but every once in a while it will throw a burst of light as a miss fire. Is there a setting I'm missing?? Any ideas?
If you get no answer this weekend I'll test this,
though I've never used TTL with my 622 TX & 4x 622s
I've always been in the Manual setting to set each Group individually for studio type work.

What flashes are you using on the triggers as that may be part of the problem?
I'm using all Nikon flashes except for one Yongnuo for BG, but as mentioned I haven't used TTL.
I have a sb-600 and 2 un-568 yongnuo flashes. The 568 flashed are hard for me to set up because the menu is very confusing to me and the dang manual is in Chinese

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