Flashpoint/Godox wireless triggers


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Feb 6, 2015
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For anyone invested in Flashpoint/Godox lighting, you almost certainly have one of their wireless flash triggers. I've had quite a few, but wanted to talk about one in particular.
  • Many people use the the basic R2 TTL trigger or the MarkII version that has some improvements. I haven't used these, but I definitely understand people's preference for this smaller form factor.
  • I used the R2 Pro (XPro) trigger for a few years until it was damaged after being dropped. After that I replaced it with the MarkII version, which is bigger and easier to use, albeit with a lot more buttons that don't seem to do anything. This is still my favorite one due to the large display and ease of use.
  • I wasn't aware there was another option until I picked up an additional XPLOR 400Pro light and they threw in an R2 single pin transceiver for free. I never considered these since I figured they were a simple non-TTL single-pin trigger and nothing else. Maybe the ability to select a specific channel or group, like the Phottix or Yongnuo ones I used in the past. But that's not the case. These let you fire multiple groups at once, remotely set the flash power for each group, and toggle individual groups on or off by simply double-clicking a group's button. For someone who doesn't use TTL anyway, this trigger is every bit as functional as the more expensive versions, and it's just $25, or $35 for a pair of them. They can even be used as a pair as a remote shutter release using the standard sync port and one of them switched from Tx to Rx. I don't see a way to turn modeling lights on or off from the trigger, but other than that, this makes a great backup should something happen to my primary trigger on a shoot.
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The R2 single pin also lets you turn on or off legacy groups from the camera mounted trigger by using an R2 with a sync cord connected to your legacy strobes.

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