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Jun 21, 2010
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So my mum has volunteered me to take photos tonight at her golf club's big formal dinner for the year. But... I haven't even used my camera inside...or at night before. I bought my first dslr a few months ago, but haven't had that much time to use it yet. I don't really have a choice about doing this so I need some quick advice.
I have a Nikon D5000 with 18-50 VR and 55-200 VR kit lens. I only have the pop up flash on my camera. I asked what kind of photos they want, and its stuff like people accepting prizes, couples/group shots and general shots of people having a good time. In same places it might be fairly well lit but others not.
So I don't really have a choice but to use my flash? What kind of setting would you use then? I'm assuming I will have to use the biggest aperture I have but I can't really use a lower shutter than 1/50 or so. But if people are dancing/moving then I can't really have a slow shutter speed without blur...
Also about how far will the flash go? A few metres in front of me?
Any advice would be awesome
I'd open up the lens... maybe use ISO 400, 800 if you have to. Set your shutter speed to maybe 1/60... see what the exposure looks like without the flash. Go for a "little bit dark" look. Now, use your popup flash to get a shot of someone, in front of whatever backrground - people eating whatever... Set your flash exposure compensation so they are a little brighter than the background.. so they stand out. You should get some decent results like that, in theory.


I'm a bit embarrassed to share this photo... lol. BUT it's an example of what you might want to be shooting for.
Using my Rebel T2i, Tamron 17-50 f/2.8


Aperture = ƒ/3.2
Exposure Time = 1/100 second ===> 0.01 second
ISO Speed Ratings = 400
Flash = Flash fired, compulsory flash mode

Make sure you shoot in RAW as well...
Good luck!

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