You have to love 6400 ISO.

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Aug 9, 2018
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Moon light and sky glow are the bane of my astronomy viewing. However, when the almost full moon was casting sharp shadows, I thought, why not do night shots by moon light?

To the unaided eye it is very dark with almost no color but at high ISOs, it is a different story.

I started with a tree in the front yard. The exposure was 30 sec. at f4.0 with 1600 ISO. The sky glow on the horizon is obvious below the stars.

I went over to the corn field. The exposure was 15 sec. at f4.0 with 3200 ISO.
Corn field.jpg

Next to the unruly grape arbor in the shadows of the trees. Exposure 30 sec. F4.0 with 6400 ISO
shadows 2 30s-6400-f4.0.jpg

Then to get tricky I tried my bent flag pole. Cropping this picture really enhances the noise level. Finding and focusing on an object in the dark is difficult, so I stopped to an f8 for a bit more depth of field at 20 sec. and 6400 ISO.

I may have posted my favorite low light photo before. Candle lit tent 2 sec. at f5.6 with 6400 ISO.
feast4 t.jpg

I case you were wondering just how much light there was to work with, here is the first photo with the my cameras max. settings. 30 sec, at f4.0 with 6400 ISO. it looks like daylight except for the stars. You can see the wind in the tree tops.

30s-6400-f4 .JPG

Night photographing is interesting and it is very quiete and peaceful. To paraphrase Dracula from a 1930's movie. "You can leeesen to dah creeetures of dah night. :) :)
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The first one with the stars is awesome! I would just crop out that car.

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The technology hasn't half improved over the years in relation to low light performance.
What is interesting is some folks consider my Canon T6 Rebel an entry level camera with limited options, yet I have only explored a few of the whiz bangs and whirly gig menu options.
Long exposures at night are a lot of fun. Here's a beach shot, 30 seconds, full moon, ISO 400. (The D7000 I had at the time was useless hogher than 400, and had to filtered pretty strongly even then.)

Right at 9PM, it was pitch black sky other than the moonlight.

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