young gentleman

I like this; I think though I would like to see just a bit more detail in the white of the wall behind him, and in the blue/black of his suit.
Yes, I agree with the idea of a little bit more detail in the suit. The suit is a large portion of the images, so a bit more detail in it, just a wee bit more, would really solidify the 'presence' of his sharp clothes. The red is very eye-catching, so the absence of detail in the dark suit cloth makes for a little bit of a jarring contrast. Perhaps the red is a little overly strong? I dunno...these things are the artist's choices. Your mileage may vary, some items not available in stores, offer may not be available in all areas.
thanks all. points taken. It was indeed a black suit so pulled removed the blue hues and nudged open the blacks a tad.
What a snappy dresser. My first thought was "The CAT!" (I was watching old Red Dwarf episodes last night) Only he's not comic, just strong.
Not sure if I'd crop to avoid the seam line and nails(?) on the right of #1 or not.
I'll be looking forward to seeing more of your work. :)

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