YOUR baby feet photos - where are they?


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Jul 18, 2010
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This might be a long shot (and unusual) - but I remember just the other day someone had a post on here regarding newborns with photos showing great dof with the baby's feet - I wanted to revisit these because I really liked the composition and wanted to learn a little more about them - but now can't find them after two days of scanning the threads.

I'm not talking about the thread with the 'baby and wedding rings' - and am wondering if they weren't even posted here, but it was a LINK from someone's post on here - but definitely from this forum.

Can anyone help?
I am not sure what thread it was but I have some shot like that on my website. Not the greatest because I took it when I was pretty green (I still am but not as much LOL)

Robinson Usagani Photography
not the one I was looking for - but good shots! Enjoyed your site!

Thanks for the response.

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