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Clinically Insane?
Apr 29, 2004
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I like the shot. Sky seems oversaturated a bit for me. Reminds me of Kodak E100VS slide film.
I love it!
Love the high saturation/angle of the photo.
She's a great model as well! :thumbup:
DocFrankenstein said:
How would you improve?

Use a different support for the model. The black wood fence isn't so appealing...although i like that we can see the sky through the gaps.

Put some footwear on the model, or position her feet more subtlely.
really cool, but it seems more like a landscape shot than a portrait....

just my 2 cents.... I do love the sat and angle a lot though.... maybye im just not used to seeing them like this..,..

very nice...
I'm sorry but I had to say bad. As the single "bad" vote, I suppose I should explain my rationale. I didn't rate the photo as "good" because I don't really think it is. And I can't rate it as "average" because you obviously know what you're doing (i.e. the photo isn't mediocre because you're an inexperienced photographer). If this really is the look you're going for, then yes, I would say well done, it's "good." But in my eyes, this shot defeats the purpose of a portrait shoot (accentuating the person who is the subject of the photo). There are only two things here that I think get in the way of that. The first is DOF. It would have been just as easy for you to have gotten the subject in focus and at least to some extend blurred the background. The second, which is related to the first, is how saturated everything in the photo is. If you want to accentuate the subject, you need to make them stand out, particularly from the rest of the photo. That, I don't think you really achieved here. Yes, your subject is perfectly shot, but so is the railing below her and the tree behind her. I shouldn't be looking at either, really. Then again, that is sort of my personal preference. Like I said, if this is just what you were going for, then well done. But then again, if you were confident in the outcome of the photo, you probably wouldn't be asking for other people's opinions (unless this is some narcicistic request for approval).

Disclaimer: I am tipsy. I cannot be held responsible for this post tomorrow morning.
DocFrankenstein said:
How would you improve?
1. I'd have her look at the light source.
2. A shallow depth of field?
The light on her face is on the harsh side, or perhaps its a little too contrasty for my taste. I agree with Danalec, having her look into the light source would get rid of some of the "raccoon effect." I think. Also, I don't think it would be bad to have her looking wistfully off into the horizon.

I think it's creative, and fresh. I'm not sure that many photogs out there would have come up with this shot. I think you're really onto something here.

LOVE the angle!
I really should've added a fill light about 1 1/2 stops lower than main light.

if you were confident in the outcome of the photo, you probably wouldn't be asking for other people's opinions (unless this is some narcicistic request for approval)

I do enjoy the positive comments, but that's not the main reason. The pictures I like personally get labeled as average by the clients and the clients seem to like mediocre snapshots. So I'm always looking for a different perspective. Plus I do feel that it's missing "something" to be solid.

I appreciate the antagonism the most actually, so thank you for the comment. I framed the yellow tree behind the jeans to put a center of interest there, since the jeans would be the same color as the sky.

I couldn't help with the depth of field. This was shot at 2PM at f/13 so that I get the sync speed.

Now here's an excuse to get a hassy! :p
2framesbelowzero said:
Put some footwear on the model, or position her feet more subtlely.

other feet positions might be good, but I disagree with the footwear idea. footwear almost never works in these type of situations, and would end up being distracting. I think the 'natural' look is much better.

i actually like the shot alot, although one of her face in a different position (perhaps facing away, as looking down usually isn't very flattering) might have been a bit better. I think it's a bit oversaturated, but not too colorful...just too 'polarized'. the colors of the sky and the tree are pretty close to being overpowering IMO. did you use lights for this or was it natural lighting?
I really like the shot, its quite different from a standard portrait and I think that's good. The one thing that I would fix is making the eyes more visible, and maybe try with her looking somewhere other then straight at the camera (not that its bad with her looking at the camera, just for something different). But I do really like it, and I like the high saturation, it works.

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