Your User CP Is a Great Thing

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    In your UserCP you can change lots of different things within the way the forum will work for you. Use it wisely, it is your friend.

    You can change the way you receive PMs
    subscribe to threads.
    go invisible(wheras on the old forum you had to actually log out and in again to do this)
    choose whether you want to view images, and sigs
    change how threads and posts are shown
    change time zones

    change your sig, emails, and avatar, cahnge your profile and profile picture

    the buddy list: oh the buddy list. in here you can add people to your buddy list and if you are really eveil, put people on ignore.
    the lists tell you when the people are online.

    pleas euse the usercp, its a great tool and will help you with your time at TPF!

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