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Jan 2, 2007
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Cali, Colombia
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This is the full frame taken with a Canon EOS R5 using eye detection. As can be seen the bird (female Red-headed Barbet) is far from centered in the frame but the eye detection found her and focused on her eye. A bit of a learning curve involved in adjusting to using back button focus after a lifetime of using half press shutter release but times they are a changin'.

That's a wonderfully done shot! I like the composition, and that's a cool looking bird. I started using back button focusing this summer, and it's great.
Nice shot and BB focus is the way to go. You can hold it down while in 'servo' mode and use the shutter to capture when you want. Makes better sense to me than a single combo focus/shutter release.
Well caught - the animal eye AF is something I often use on a couple of my Sony bodies- its an asset that's for sure
Lovely image by the way :)

Thank you friends, learning new stuff...
Nice shot of a colorful bird. I started using BBF about a year ago. Only problem I have is when switching cameras. The thumb can never find the right button.:pirate:

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