Yr Wyddfa, North Wales


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Jan 8, 2006
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St helens, England
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Snowdon, to the rest of us. Taken on the E500, short zoom, polarising filter. Levels adjusted in Elements 4.0

How beautiful.
Wales is also a must-see on my list of places to go to "on the island"!
But first of all I must be able to get "to the island"!

So have you spent your most recent holidays in Wales?
And whereabouts is St Helens?
Corinna, St helens is a town about 16 km east of liverpool, home of the Beatles, and 2 decent football teams. Unfortunately it is a bit too far north for the upcoming September meet up to take in.
Snowdonia is about a 90 minute drive for me from St helens. We stayed near Betws y Coed, which was a good place to stay for being central to all of the Sonwdonia National Park.

The weather isn't always this good, we were blessed with superb weather during our stay.
I'm glad to hear that you had nice weather while you stayed ... and if I said I'll come over from GERMANY to the meet-up, will you then still consider yourself too far north to come to the meet-up? You know longer can, eh? ;) :D C'mon, make up your mind and start planning!
It isn't that I'm too far north to get to london, 2 hour train journey, £60. Instead on the suggested dates I'm at Southport Airshow as a birthday treat for my son.

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