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Jun 18, 2013
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South West Wyoming
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To all of my Eastern USA friends who are lucky enough to have Yuengling in your local beer cave...... you lucky bastards. I had my in-laws bring some from OH to WY. Its just as magical as I remember.

ok, that is all.:mrgreen:
Just had one today...hehe If you like, I'll post a picture of one for you tomorrow.
actually I'm drinking one of my contraband imports of Yuengling right now... but thanks for the offer.
I don't get Yeungling regularly but I have had it far more than once.

IMO, it's pretty run of the mill. Not a whole lot of distinctive characteristics and very mundane in terms of impact. It tastes like a general commercial lager to me. I think the reason so many people like it is because of the lore and not so much the craftsmanship. Don't get me wrong, it's not a terrible beer. But there are plenty of craft brews I would grab from a shelf before yeungling.
Tyler-- I don't know what it is about Yuengling that I like so much. As you say, there are so many craft brews that are distinctive. Maybe it is the lore. All I know is that when I lived in PA, I drank it regularly, then I moved to OH-- couldn't get it for years (you can now), then I moved again and can't get it. I guess it is just a little piece of home. I was afraid that I wouldn't like it this time around, but it still tastes like magic to me.
I completely agree with Tyler. It's a good beer but it's rarely my first choice. I'd almost always prefer anything from Great Lakes Brewing Co. over Yuengling.

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