Zeiss ZX1 Full Frame Fixed Lens Android Based Camera

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    ". . . Zeiss's first entry into the digital camera market has echoes of the touchscreen-based Leica TL, it also can't help but conjure-up thoughts of Sony's RX1 cameras, which are also built around 35mm F2 lenses on full frame chips. . . ."

    Actually when I saw the first pictures with its angular grip, I thought it might have something to do with Yi Technology.

    [- later:]
    "The company say they've also stripped the Android implementation back to the bare essentials and focused on building a camera interface, rather than trying to use any of the operating system's built-in camera capabilities. And even in this non-final form, this decision appear to have paid-off, with the interface working smoothly."

    That could be a good idea. One issue that I ran into with the Samsung Galaxy Zoom EK-GC100 was deciding what to do about security. In the end, I decided to password protect it. Add the long boot time and there was a long delay from power-on to "ready-to-shoot". If the Android is a subset, maybe security will not be an issue?

    After that, there was the short battery life in the 1st generation product. The 2nd generation had a bigger battery.

    "CP+ 2019: Zeiss ZX1 - hands-on with the full-frame Android camera"
    Feb 28, 2019, by Richard Butler, Published by DPReview.com
    "CP+ 2019: Zeiss ZX1 - hands-on with the full-frame Android camera"

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